Contact numbers
Centre: (09) 833 6280
Cafe: (09) 320 1593

Arts & Crafts

This is one of our “Kids Time” classes for primary school children.

It runs on Tuesdays from 3:30-4:30pm.

We have fun creating a variety of  2D and 3D projects, some finished in a day, some over a couple of weeks.

We will:

  • draws
  • cut
  • print
  • recycle
  • use paper mache and clay
  • use crayons, paint and dye

Sometimes we will look at the art of established artists for inspiration. We always create beautiful art to impress our families and decorate our homes.

Kaz Bos is the tutor, who apart from being a trained kindergarten teacher, also tutors our sewing classes and runs our Music and Playgroups.

Kaz is extremely creative and always bursting with new ideas.

$40 per 8 week term
$24 per 8 week term if you hold a Community Services Card