Contact numbers
(09) 833 6280

Community Garden


Committed to promoting health and wellbeing and a sustainable environment. It is a place where people can come together, with a common interest in growing their own food, while improving their health and enhancing their environment.

The garden is about promoting organic fruit and vegetable growing, empowering local people to learn new skills; promoting income generating ideas and self-reliant projects, to be inclusive and accessible, to learn from, accept and respect other cultures and for the garden to be sustainable.  Our garden provides as much organic produce as it can for our Cafe Korero at 474 Swanson Road, Ranui.


You can lease a plot of either 23 or 28 square meters of garden in the community shared plots. The plots are $40 or $45 per year depending on size.

In your plot you can grow whatever  fruit or veggies you choose as long as you do it organically. We ask that you do not plant fruit trees in your garden plot but reserve it fo an area advised by our gardener. You can share your ideas and knowledge with others in the garden and gain valuable help and advice. The coordinator will also be able to assist you with handy information, tips and seeds of wisdom.

We are also always looking for volunteers to help our permanent gardener. Please ring 833 6280 for information.



Growing your own organic food is not only rewarding but very good for you - you know what you and your family are eating!

  • It can save you money, by reducing your super market bill.
  • Great form of exercise.
  • It is known throughout the world to be very therapeutic.
  • The community garden brings people together.
  • It is a lovely place to spend sometime whether you garden yourself of just want to sit and enjoy.